Hodge-podgeor: the things called "Other..."

We make every attempt at providing categories for all problem cases we know of. However, if we learned one thing from this website, it's that many things can go wrong in many ways. It is therefore not unexpected that unknown problems surface or that previously corrected problems reappear after a change in the DESDM pipelines. These are the kinds of problems we collect under the catch-all category Other..., where you can and should provide a short descriptive explanation of what you found weird in any given image.

But your reports only becomes useful if we can find patterns or re-occurrances of such problems in the data. Think of an unexpected failure mode. To make it easier to find such cases, we ask you to see what problems have been marked by yourself and other users. Below you'll find the list of problems labelled as Other..., ordered by how many images show this problem. You can click on the link and get to an example image. If you find the same problem again, you can help us identify that failure mode by using the same description text that is already in use.

At the moment, we ask you to copy the description from this page to the viewer, but a more elegant approach is in the works.

What's in the bag

Do you need help?

Always. Consolidating the descriptions is not difficult, but it requires some familiarity with the set of known problems (as we list them in our Turorial) and judgement to decide if two or more descriptions actually refer to one problem.

If that sounds like a job for you, please contact us.