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DES exposure checker

Look at real DES images. Discover flaws we would otherwise have missed.
Make our data better!

What's this good for?

We all want to do science with the DES data. However, no data set is perfect, so we need to identify and account for imaging artifacts in our data. This application helps in two ways:

  • It gives you convenient access to the DES annual release finalcut images and shows the processing steps that are already in place to identify and correct for known problems.
  • It enables everyone to search for undetected artifacts. We gather your submissions, analyze them, and feed them back to the science working groups and DESDM. This way, we can refine the processing pipelines to catch the flaws that we know are there.

How can I start?

Check out our Tutorial and you'll know what to do in no time.

How are we doing so far?

The basic statistics are computed in real time. More detailed analyses will become available once we have gathered enough submissions, but you can go to our API page and download the anonymized submissions right now.

How can I give feedback?

The code is on github. Please open a new Issue to let us know what we could add, improve, ...

If you find particular failure cases and you think they may constitute a new class of artifacts, please go to the DESDM users wiki [link removed for DEMO], where we list and discuss such cases.

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